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Sign Up for Electronic Delivery of your Account Documents

We encourage you to sign up for Hilliard Lyons Access Online Electronic Delivery, which lets you access your account statements digitally rather than receiving them in paper form. You may also elect to receive other Hilliard Lyons documents such as trade confirmations, tax forms, and shareholder communications.

For Electronic Delivery Assistance, please contact Access Online Support at 1-877-488-3748, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. To enroll in Electronic Delivery, log-in to your Hilliard Lyons Access account from hilliard.fccaccessonline.com.
  2. Click “Customer Service” from the navigation menu and select “Document Delivery Preferences”
  3. Choose Your Delivery Preference — Electronic, Mixed or Paper. Here’s what those options mean: Electronic Delivery
    • Securely access your brokerage documents online
    • Paper delivery of your brokerage documents will be suppressed
    • Delivery setting applies to all current accounts in your online view as well as those you may add in the future
    • Receive an email notification when each of your brokerage documents are ready to view online
    Mixed Delivery
    • Receive paper delivery of your brokerage documents except those checked for electronic delivery below
    • Receive an email notification only when brokerage documents checked for electronic delivery below are ready to view online
    Paper Delivery
    • Receive paper delivery of all brokerage documents through the mail
    • You can also securely access your brokerage documents online, with the exception of Shareholder Communications
    • You will not receive an email notification when your brokerage documents are ready to view online
    Hit “Save”
  4. Next, you will be prompted to review or customize your delivery preferences for specific communications for each account.Suppress Paper DeliveryTo suppress paper delivery of brokerage documents, check the box for each account and document type you wish to access online only. Click the Save button when you are done choosing delivery instructions. You will receive an email notification only when the brokerage documents checked for electronic delivery below are ready to view online.Allow Paper DeliveryTo allow paper delivery of account documents, uncheck the box for the specified account and document type and then click the Save button. Paper delivery is already scheduled for accounts and documents that do not have a check mark.
  5. Choose or modify the email address to which document notifications will be sent
  6. When enrolling to receive Shareholder Communications electronically, you will need to supply a 4-digit PIN to verify your identity when voting your proxy shares. If you do not supply a PIN, a default value will be assigned. You can change it at any time.

Please note: If you receive multiple account statements in a single envelope delivered to one mailing address (statement household), only the account owner(s) of the first account listed within your Statement Linked Service relationship will have the authority to turn off paper delivery of statements for the statement household.


J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC | Member NYSE, FINRA, & SIPC

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